Heating and Drying

The Laois Hire range of coolers, heaters and dryers are essential when the weather impacts your home or work environment.

In conjunction with our sister company HSS Hire, we have over 20,000 heaters to help keep you and your business warm this winter including a range of Direct, Indirect, Radiant, Site/Office and Fan Heaters. So whatever your heating need, Laois Hire can help keep you warm.

  • Heating


  • Drying


  • Building Dryers

    Building Dryers

    If your workspace is suffering from damp, or you need to remove moisture from the air, the Laois Hire range of dryers and dehumidifiers is ideal for the task. A perfect solution to removing most forms of moisture in a room, Laois Hire has an extensive range of portable dryers, warm air dryers and pump dehumidifiers to suit both the home or work environment

  • Direct Fired Heaters

    Direct Fired Heaters

    The Laois Hire range of direct fuel heaters are ideal for heating workplaces and large open spaces like warehouses, due to their high volume heating capacity. These fuel heaters require placement in ventilated areas as they add moisture to the air during the heating process.

  • Electric Heaters

    Electric Heaters

    Ranging from infra-red and longwave heating to industrial 3-phase blowers and fan heaters, Laois Hire has a complete range of electric heaters to suit both the domestic and industrial environment.

  • Indirect Heaters

    Indirect Heaters